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Definition of service [Section 65B(44)] : Earlier, under the selective approach of taxation of services, the word “service” was nowhere defined in the Finance Act, 1994. English. Clause definition: A clause is a section of a legal document. S. In the negative list approach of taxation of services, the definition of service gains paramount importance. It was concluded that "the government of the Union, though limited in its power, is supreme and its laws, when made in pursuance of the constitution, form the supreme law of the land, "any thing in the constitution or laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding. Oct 05, 2017 · New Tax Rules Mean It’s Time to Update Your LLC Operating Agreement or Partnership Agreement. For example, suppose a country passes a law stating that it is illegal to own a cat. A tax-escalation clause is a lease provision in the that makes the commercial tenant responsible for paying his portion of any tax increase. October 5, 2017 | Posted by: DeFur Voran. 2(19AA) of the Income Tax Act, 1961, unless the context otherwise requires, the term “demerger”, in relation to companies, means the transfer, pursuant to a scheme of arrangement under *[sections 391 to 394 of the Companies Act, 1956]*, by a demerged company of its one or more undertakings to any resulting company in such a manner that:In fact, the introduction of tax exemptions means resignation from a part of tax revenue. Supremacy Clause Law and Legal Definition. ". An FIC payment to the parent may also trigger unforeseen taxes in its home country. A clause in a new law, regulation, or anything else that exempts certain persons or businesses from abiding by it. Log In Dictionary. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. An Escalation clause (also known as Escalator Clause) is a clause in a contract that guarantees a change in the agreement price once a particular factor beyond control of either party affecting the value has been determined. Because of increasing prices, it has become common to insert an escalation clause in the contracts. Posted in: Business By Nicholas M. The tax authority may take the view that the parent company did not actually sustain the loss, and tax the FIC proceeds, often at significantly higher rates than insurance premium tax. Dictionary Grammar Blog School Scrabble Thesaurus Translator Quiz More Resources More from Collins. Apr 06, 2019 · Non-discrimination clause in tax treaties – Select issues and recent developments – Part 2 nupurjalan Uncategorized April 6, 2019 April 6, 2019 4 Minutes In part 1 of the series, I have given an overview of Article 24 on Non-discrimination. need to be evaluated from a local regulatory or tax perspective. Oct 03, 2014 · Often misinterpreted to mean that African Americans as individuals are considered three-fifths of a person or that they are three-fifths of a citizen of the U. Constitution of 1787) in fact declared that for purposes … Read MoreThe Three-Fifths Clause of the United States Constitution (1787). The Agreement will include an anti-dumping/countervailing clause, a general safeguard clause, a state monopolies clause and a "shortage" clause and a direct tax carve out clause comparable to those found in similar agreements, and provisions on the procedures governing these clauses,Apr 01, 2017 · Definition of ‘Demerger’ – Income Tax. Translator. Grammar. And since tax rates have been known to increase, a board must protect its building's income stream by making sure the lease has a tax-escalation clause. In a nutshell, this clause creates two requirements for property taxes, one concerning rates and one concerning classifications, the fancy name for exclusions and exemptions. , the three-fifths clause (Article I, Section 2, of the U. Thesaurus. The Rule Changes ExplainedExample sentences with "tax carve-out clause", translation memory. Tokar. A grandfather clause would allow persons who already own cats to continue to keep them, but would prevent people who do not own cats from buying them. TAX EXEMPTIONS IN EXCISE DUTY IN THE CONTEXT OF FISCAL EFFICIENCY The law, after being passed from the provincial assembly will end the tax exemption extended to Pata and Fata by the government of Pakistan as their status will get changed with the law. All property tax laws must satisfy the “uniformity clause” in Article V, Section 2(2) of the North Carolina Constitution. As per S

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